June 21, 2021

Changing the way the youth formula is organized

Along with Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3 lower formulations have also successfully “finished” this 2020 season. An effort to reduce the cost of organizing these two races in the coming years. The organization of the Formula 2 and3 races from 2021 will be significantly changed. In addition, another racing format will also be supported by Formula 1 from next year.

Changing in Formula 2 and 3

F2 season in 2020 has officially ended after the Sakhir GP race took place over the weekend. Mick Schumacher won the championship title this year. Because he choke race against his direct competitor (with Ferrari youth academy), Callum Ilott.

Mick ended the season after 12 races (24 races), taking 2 wins and another 8 podium, earning 215 points. So the Prema Racing team has won all four titles of both Formula 2 and 3 prizes – 2 team titles. The Formula 3 individual title for Oscar Piastri (Australia) and the Formula 2 title for Mick.

Since 2021, the Formula 2 and Formula 3 prizes agreed on a change plan to better control the organizational budget. Specifically, the cost of hiring engines and parts will be significantly reduced, along with costs related to logistics and transportation.

The organizers decided to keep the car design for the next 3 years with F 2, starting from 2021. The 2019 Formula 3 car design likely to be maintained for the next 4 seasons. Another factor that directly affects the cost is the number of races per season. So the holders thinks that the most effective way to reduce spending is to reduce venue. However, they want to keep the total number of races. Currently, two races will take place at each Formula 2 and Formula 3 venue. But from 2021 this number will increase to three.

F 2 season will include 8 races (Grand Prix – GP), so there will be a total of 24 races. That means racing teams can save up to 1/3 on logistics costs. With the F3, the GP number will be 7, equivalent to 21 races, more than in 2020.

To achieve that, F2 and F3 will not be able to hold the same race weekend with F1, as it is impossible to arrange up to 6 races in an already very busy schedule. Therefore, F2 and F3 will take turns participating in the F1 races.

Better changes

At F2 2021, the season will begin at the end of the 2020 season, the Bahrain International Raceway on the weekend of March 26-28. The tournament will take a break for nearly 2 months before the start of the tour in Europe in Monaco on May 20-22.

The next two destinations are Baku, Azerbaijan (June 4-6) and Silverstone, England (July 16-18). They hold the races in a 2-month break before two races in September in Monza, Italy (September 10-12) and Sochi, Russia (September 24-26). The season will end in West Asia at the end of November and early December with a new race on the streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (November 26-28) and Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi (December 3-5).

Thus, in each race Formula 2 and Formula 3, a maximum racer can receive up to 65 points, up from 48 points in the 2020 season. Tire supplier Pirelli will also adjust the number of tires for each race weekend. Each Formula 2 driver received 6 sets of smooth tires in dry conditions (4 optimal sets for race and 2 optimal sets for qualifying) and 3 sets of rain runs for each race.