June 21, 2021

F1 racing, Bahrain GP: Battle over the desert of the Middle East

F1 2020 season gradually comes to an end.

From this weekend, the last tripleheader (3 legs in 3 consecutive weeks) will take place, with the first 2 races taking place in Bahrain and the last one held in Abu Dhabi. Going to the final match in the desert, what awaits the racers?

Architect Hermann Tilke has designed the Bahrain international race with a construction cost of up to 150 million USD. The first F1 race was held here in 2004 on the 5,417 km “Grand Prix Circuit” section. The event marked the first time F1 visited the Middle East and has made history. Following its success, they decided to hold the Bahrain GP annually since 2004 (except 2011).

2010 is a little different when the test race took place on the version “Endurance Circuit” 6,299 km long. The 2011 demonstration in Bahrain caused the tournament to be canceled. Human rights activists have called for the 2012 race to be canceled, but the event goes on as planned. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the tournament as well as the 900th F1 race in history, they held the 2014 race under a magical desert night, becoming the third race to take place in the evening. Lewis Hamilton is the winner of this particular race.

2020 is the first time Bahrain will hold 2 races in the same season with two different respective structures.

After a small adjustment in 2005, the track has a lap length of 5,412 km with 15 corners in all. They named the first corner after German legend Michael Schumacher in honor of his achievement. The track’s width is quite large and with some tight corners certainly promises tense position disputes.

As usual, the riders will have to complete 57 laps with a total distance of 308,238 km. Achievement of the fastest lap of 1 minute 31,447 seconds belongs to Pedro de la Rosa (McLaren) established in 2005. And there will be 3 DRS zones for this race with their positions in turn in the straight line crossing the line. start/finish (detecting DRS before crab 14), the line between detecting DRS before corner 3 and 4 (detecting DRS before corner 1), and the line between detecting DRS before corner 10 and 11 (detecting DRS before corner 9).

The 2004 track was different from the 2005 version. Because Michael Schumacher’s fastest lap set in 2004 (1 min 30,252 seconds) was not the fastest lap record of the current structure.

After the victory in Turkey, Lewis Hamilton reached the championship title early. Even so, there are still 3 races to complete before the end of the season. Will Hamilton or another name conquer the Middle East and win the race?