June 21, 2021

Turkish GP 2020 classification: Lance Stroll wins pole

Despite the Covid-19 entanglement, fans of speed sports can still accompany the Formula 1 tournament for 13 races. This week, the team continues to compete in the 14th race held at Intercity Istanbul Park. The Intercity Istanbul Park located in Tuzla district, Istanbul city, Turkey.

Due to the complicated development of Covid-19 globally, Organizing Committee negotiated Intercity Istanbul Park. Besides, Intercity Istanbul Park included in the 2020 season schedule. Back after 9 years of absence on the F1 map, Intercity Istanbul Park greeted the team with rains.

The pouring rain is something no driver enjoys. However, the rains at Intercity Istanbul Park have made the grading day extremely dramatic. In the pouring rain, racing driver Lance Stroll of Racing Point team turned the glass. The fastest sea battle to win Formula 1 race pole DHL Turkish Grand Prix 2020 at 1 minute 47 seconds 765 ‰. This is also the racer’s first pole in his career holding the F1 steering wheel.

At the start of the Q1 ranking race, it was still raining as it did in the FP3 practice round. The area temperature is only 11 degrees Celsius and the absorption temperature of the track is only 13 degrees Celsius. The wind speed is not high, only 6.1 km / h but the humidity is up to 90%.

Supplier Pirelli brings to the track 03 types of tires including C1 (hard tire with white border), C2 (medium tire with yellow border), and C3 tire (soft tire with red border). At the same time, there is always a backup of 2 types of rain tires Inter (used in low rain) and Wet (used in heavy rain).

Even though the rain was heavy, the tired tactic was separate from the start. Verstappen, Norris, Perez, Sainz, Leclerc, Vettel, Magnussen, Stroll use Inter tires (used in low rain) and the rest use Wet tires (used in heavy rain).

The naval war begins here and goes on for 11 minutes. The fastest person temporarily keeps changing on the record system until the referee decides to turn on the red light to stop the race. There are many drivers who slip off the track and need to stop for the vehicle to be safe to check.

The Q1 classification race continued after 44 minutes. However, after only 3.5 minutes, the referee had to continue to open the red flag again. Because the Albon driver slipped to the gravel. He was lying right High-speed cornering position again in slippery conditions.

The green light returns when Q1 is only 3.5 minutes. This last run, all riders have switched to Wet tires. Verstappen has shown to all that the balance of the racing car is beneficial in rainy and humid weather conditions. Achieving 1 minute 57 seconds 485 ‰, Red Bull’s Verstappen driver became the fastest driver in the Q1 ranking round. Teammate Albon was +1,946 seconds slower than right after that and also thanks to heavy rain. The former champion Raikkonen unexpectedly ranked 3rd when +3,764 seconds slower.

The W11 of the Mercedes racing team loses the advantage of heating the tires and balancing in too low temperatures. The defending champion is almost eliminated from the Q1 qualifying round when he ranked 14th. At the end of the Q1 classification, the driver Valtteri Bottas became the fastest racer. Five riders with the lowest performance in Q1 are disqualified from participating in the qualifying rounds Q2 and Q3 and ranked from 16 to 20 after the starting line on the official race day including Kevin Magnussen (Haas team), Daniil Kvyat (AlphaTauri team), George Russell (Williams racing team), Romain Grosjean (Haas team), Nicholas Latifi (Williams racing team).